Neighbor Nights


Neighbor Nights


The National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRREC) held their annual internship night. This is a special event created for the interns to present their projects during a Neighbor Night at the NGRREC. The event welcomed guests to an open poster session and an optional guided tour of the field station. The interns all gave more information when presenting their projects to the public. There were eight interns in total this fall semester.  

Samuel Watts, an intern this semester and the spring semester, shared his project. He currently studies geography and geographic information systems at SIUE.  

“My project was to map out the Mississippi River Partnership Land Conservation Habitat Restoration Project. They are organizations focused on land conservation and habitat restoration. They do an excellent job of getting together and utilizing each other’s resources and each other, to protect lands and try to make sure they are taken care of,” shares Samuel Watts.  

“My role was to make an interactive map that we can show to the public, that shows what they have done over the years since their inception. The poster is a breakdown of what I needed to do and what I ran into, and how I did it. The Middle Mississippi River Partnership buys land that may be bought and damaged by private owners. They do true restoration work. There are a lot of issues of deforestation and poor water quality that they cover. I think they can grow from what they have learned in the past 20 years and continue to be increasingly more successful,” says Watts.  

Kaz Isibue another intern this semester, shared their project. Isibue is currently attending SIUE.  

“My internship project was to do an analysis on NGRREC’S social media to determine which social medias we had were most effective and which were the ones we needed to focus more attention on. I determined Facebook is our most successful social media, we see the largest reach with it. We have the most followers, and we also see the most reactions and interaction. We see people reposting our content. Instagram is a close second, it is our newest social media, so we are still working on getting it up with the others,” shares Isibue.  

“Twitter is a media where you really need to be constantly updating and posting. I also determined our strengths and weaknesses in our different social medias and tried to determine our best steps moving forward. We have a YouTube account, but it has not been uploaded as much. We only have one communications employee and one intern in total. We hope to continue to grow this department, says Isibue.  

The National Great Rivers and Research Center is at One Confluence Way, East Alton, IL 62024, and can be reached at (618) 468-290.  

For more information about internship opportunities, please visit . Applications opened on November 28, 2022, and close on January 4, 2023, for NGRREC’s spring internship program.  

For more information about this event please contact Amy Monroe at  or (618) 468-2910. 


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