National Voter Registration Day 2021

By Stephen Kern


National Voter Registration Day is a nonpartisan civic holiday celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of September, every year since its start in 2012.  This year the celebrated civic holiday is on Tuesday, September 28th.  National Voter Registration Day aims to create awareness for voter registration opportunities for thousands of Americans who may not register otherwise. Each year millions of Americans are unable to vote because they are not sure how to register, don’t update their registration, or miss a registration deadline. Since the start of National Voter Registration Day in 2012, approximately 4.5 million were registered to vote on the holiday, and this year they aim for 1 million to bring that total up to 5.5 million.

National Voter Registration Day involves a coordinated effort from volunteers and organizations across the country to assist citizens in the process of registering to vote. Volunteer events can be found in workplaces, libraries, college campuses, online, and more. Social media outreach allows digital partners to aid voters to register to vote online or find an event near them. Sharing on social media also can improve civic participation. National Voter Registration Day is about enabling the people to get the information and help they need to register to vote, cast a ballot, and have their voices heard in our democracy.

On their website (, individuals and organizations can find more tools and resources on how to become a partner on the holiday, hold events, and volunteer. They have additional information on registering to vote online, in-person voting options, and mail-in voting options in your state.

National Voter Registration Day is more than just a day’s worth of registering voters. It is about educating citizens on the various rules of voter registration, engaging citizens, supporting democratic values, and celebrating our freedom, rights, and opportunities.

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