My Review on Star Wars Battlefront II


My Review of Star Wars Battlefront II
By Lars Black

The new “Star Wars Battlefront 2” is a game that could have been great, but it ended up being forgotten. From massive ground-battles between opposing sides from four of the canon series, to a showdown between good and evil characters that would have never happened.

Or, take a pilot seat in a starfighter and take part in epic space battles all over the galaxy. But why did that not really save Star Wars Battlefront 2?

Ground Game Modes

The main section of the game was the ground battles, which could have up to forty people in one game. However, this is where one of the main problems in Star Wars Battlefront 2 came up: There was a micro transaction or in-game store which caused problems.

The main problem was that players could buy battle packs to gain a slight advantage over other players. These advantages included better skills, such as ones that would give more points over time. Alternatively, it could have also given you a better weapon, which most weapons were better than the standard everyone starts with.

This also caused a problem with Disney, as they owned Star Wars and these battle packs were a form of gambling. However, this eventually changed once they removed battle packs entirely, and this made the game a lot more enjoyable. After the battle packs, the ground combat of this game became a lot better, and a lot of people still play to this day.

Hero Game Modes

Now moving on to the Heros and Villains game modes, which are not great. The first playlist in this section is Hero Starfighters… The least played of the three. This is a game mode where you will take a hero or villain starfighter and battle others.

Next, we have Heroes vs Villains, which is the most played out of the three. This mode takes two teams of eight and puts them against each other in a battle. However, one team is assigned heroes, and the other villains, like Yoda or Darth Vader. These teams will fight each other until the other team has gotten the most eliminations.

Finally, we have Hero Showdown, which is just like the previous but with just two teams of two. Heroes and villains are a fun game mode, but I would avoid it due to people being overwhelmingly competitive.

Space Game Modes

Starfighter assault is the space version of the ground combat in this game. This mode has you play as a starfighter in a big space battle. During this game mode, you will dogfight with other players and compete with the enemy team to complete objectives.

This game mode is fun but only for the first couple of times. Here is why: The flying in this game is not amazingly easy to learn, and the starfighters feel clunky when playing them. Not to mention the people who have gotten exceptionally good at starfighters that you will not be able to scratch.

There is also the problem with them crashing to avoid being eliminated by the enemy team. This is an incredibly fun game mode, do not get me wrong, but it needs some work before I play it again.

Overall, “Star Wars Battlefront 2” is a game I enjoy a lot, surprisingly. For a game to mess up so heavily in the beginning and then be fixed is a rare sight in gaming today. I recommend people play this game. It is not exactly great, but it is better than most new games out right now. I would give “Star Wars Battlefront 2” a six out of ten being enjoyable for what it is.

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