Movies to Watch Before Christmas

By: Elise Gremli

It’s (kinda) Christmas time! Here are some movie suggestions for people to watch alone, with the girls, and with the family to watch before that magical day arrives!!

Home Alone (1990)

A classic movie that shows what happens when a family forgets one of their kids. Little Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin, gets left behind and starts out having fun until two strangers show up and cause a lot of trouble. It is a kindhearted movie and great entertainment for the whole family.

The Santa Clause series (1994, 2002 & 2006)

A series that tells a story about Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) who accidentally kills Santa Claus and had to become him. The first one shows the process of him getting into the role of that famous fictional character along with the struggles. The sequel that came unexpectedly shows how he was comfortable being Santa but found out he had to get married before Christmas or he won’t be Santa anymore. The third and final one shows him and Mrs. Claus happy but a struggle happens when Jack Frost (Martin Short) wants to replace Scott to be Santa Claus. It’s a wonderful series overall for everybody to watch!

The Polar Express (2004)

A classic children’s book turned into an animated masterpiece! It shows that there is a magical train that picks up little kids on Christmas Eve and takes them to The North Pole to see Santa Claus. All the kids are excited but one that has an issue believing in any of these things going on around him. It shows the journey to The North Pole and has catching songs. It also stars Tom Hanks as the conductor and even has a couple songs. It’s a great movie and a must watch in my house!

The Princess Switch series (2018, 2020 & 2021)

This Netflix Original series stars Vanessa Hudgens where she plays three ladies that look alike and kills it like a queen. In the first one it introduces Stacy, an up and coming chef that gets invited to a cooking competition in a foreign country. When she is there she meets Princess Margaret and they switch lives for a few days. While they are switched they get used to the people in it. In the sequel it’s two years after the first one. One of the couples had issues and the other look alike wants to help fix their problems that involves another switch between the two but when Margaret’s cousin Fiona (also played by Vanessa) wants the throne things get trickier. Then in the third that just came out all three ladies reunite once again but a priceless jewel they are presenting gets stolen, and they need someone to help get it back before Christmas Eve. This is a wonderful series that is romantic, funny, a little bit of action and fun for the whole family!

Holiday in Handcuffs (2007)

This rom-com is straight up hilarious! It tells a story about Judy (Melissa Joan Hart), a lady that gets dumped before she had to go on a trip to see her family at Christmas. While she is panicking she sees Nick (Mario Lopez) and decides to kidnap him to make her parents think she never got dumped. Throughout the movie it shows the chemistry between them and shows they have more in common than they thought. If you love romantic comedies I definitely recommend it!

The Holiday (2006)

A rom-com that tells the story of two complete strangers, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet), who are unlucky in love. They meet through a website to switch homes for a holiday. Amanda goes to London and Iris goes to Los Angeles, where they meet people that are in their lives. Miles (Jack Black) is in the movie industry and Iris’ brother, Graham (Jude Law), help them out with getting out of their comfort zones. Great movie that is recommended if you love romantic comedies.

A Christmas Dance Reunion (2021)

A new movie that just premiered on Lifetime recently. This is a reunion that High School Musical fans have been begging to happen with Alums Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman, who played love interests in that series. It tells the story of Lucy (Coleman) who gets invited to the closing of a hotel she grew up going to around Christmastime and bumps into Barrett (Bleu) that she used to have feelings for. When they reunite to get the hotel up and running again it ignites that chemistry all over again. It is a great movie that people, especially HSM fans, would enjoy and imagine as a Taylor and Chad spin-off movie.

Eloise at Christmastime (2003)

A kind of sequel to “Eloise at the Plaza” that tells the story of a six year old girl named Eloise that lives in the plaza hotel in New York City. No matter what her age is she goes around that hotel acting like a little kid that is insanely spoiled. When the boss’ daughter comes back to get married, Eloise tries to be a good match maker to one of the employees that she’s really good friends with! It’s a kind hearted movie for the whole family to enjoy!

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