MoBap Gives Some Whoopie and Hugs to LC Students

Ashtyn Britt


Earlier this year, Missouri Baptist University held a cleverly-titled event in Fountain Court outside Reid Cafe for the students to partake in some free Whoopie pies and Hugs juice. The event went on for a few hours and was promoted by Missouri Baptist University representatives, as well as Missouri Baptist’s cheerleading squad. One of the cheerleaders, Jacie Coleman, said she and her team were there “to represent Missouri Baptist University.” Missouri Baptist University is a well-known university that offers many 2+2 Programs at Lewis and Clark Community College to help current students move forward to gain a bachelor’s degree.

The event had two different flavors of Whoopie pies for passing students as the cheerleaders performed a few routines along with music that was generously supplied by Jared Hennings, the adviser of Student Activities and the Black Student Association. The event was well-received by most, and not only offered the opportunity of a free snack on the way to class, but also to know more about Missouri Baptist University and how they can help further Lewis and Clark students’ education.

One of the main MoBap representatives on Lewis and Clark campus, Loftin Woodiel, believes the event was helpful in raising awareness of the university’s benefits to Lewis and Clark students.

 “MBU is a great university, especially for the individual coming from the two-year college. We are here on college at the station and bring to you the last two years of your bachelor’s degree, and we do it for fifty percent below what our main campus costs are.” 

Loftin Woodiel and Chris Corby, another MoBap representative, are located in a Missouri Baptist office inside the Haskel building for further information on Missouri Baptist University, how to transfer and the 2+2 Program between Lewis and Clark and Missouri Baptist. 

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