Mexican Drug Cartels Find New Old Method for Drug Smuggling

"cartel catapult"

By Tray Wetherell


With security measures from drug sniffing dogs, aerial surveillance planes, patrol boats, border patrol agents, security cameras, and fences, the United States has led the way in technology to fight the war on drugs.  The Mexican drug cartels however have come up with something a little less advanced in that war, catapults.  Infrared Surveillance taken on 1/21/11  by the National Guard (see video below) shows a small catapult being loaded with packages, pulled back manually and then let go launching the packages of drugs across the border to waiting trucks.  Within minutes they flee leaving the catapult and a SUV with 46 pounds of marijuana inside.  Mexican federalies claimed they disrupted the operation as it was happening and were not sure as to how much product made it across.

With estimates of over 28,000 deaths in the 5 year long Mexican drug war, the cartels are looking for any way to get their product across the border.  With tunnels, small planes, boats, miniature submarines, hallowed out cars, tires, toys, and now catapults, the Mexican drug cartels will try anything to get their product across.  In a fight against themselves and the authorities, the cartels violence only seems to be getting worse as they use corruption, and insurgency style tactics that would have only been heard of in warzones.  With the insatiable appetite of the U.S. illegal drug consumer estimated at $38 billion a year, experts say it will only get worse, and that serious consideration needs to be taken as to whether the drug war is one that can be won.

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