Meet Our Ad Manager!

Ashtyn Britt – Advertising Manager

Ashtyn Britt is The Bridge’s Advertising Manager. She is enrolled in both the Applied Science in Paralegal as well as working towards a Criminal Justice Associates degree. She plans to go on to get a Bachelor’s degree through Missouri Baptist University in Criminal Justice and perhaps pursue a Master’s. She would also like to become a paralegal in the work field.


If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why?  I would want to be a rich lady’s cat. I feel like I would just be pampered in a nice home all day and given constant attention, and that’s all I could ever want in life.

What’s your most played song? A cover of Billie Ellish’s song “You Should See Me in A Crowd” performed by Halocene.

What should the title of your memoir be? “I Wish I Was Making Most of This $#!^ Up”

What is one thing that you can’t live without? Oxygen

What’s your favorite food? Toasted Ravioli? German Chocolate Cake? Macaroni and Cheese? There’s so many options to choose from.

What do you love best about working for the Bridge? I love the amount of control I have in my workload and the times when I am able to get my work done to not interfere with my schoolwork.


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