Mary Poppins Returns

Haley Ruyle

“Mary Poppins Returns” is a great family film. This years reboot of the original film has shown many great new adventures as well as brought back some of the great characters we all know and love from the first Mary Poppins film such as: Dick Van Dyke, now as Mr. Dawes Sr. and Karen Dotrice, as Jane Banks, in the original Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Returns with a new spark of imagination! While the Michael and Jane Banks have grown up and forgotten all about the crazy and wonderful adventures with Mary Poppins, Michael’s children still see the magic that Mary Poppins brings.

What truly made Mary Poppins perfectly perfect in every way was not just the spoonful full of sugar but her magical fixation. On this wild journey George, John, and Anabel Banks learn that the impossible is possible as long as you believe.

With the help of Mary Poppins and an old friend Jack the Leerie, they take their adventures to a whole new world, from dancing with penguins, to riding a ladder on the back of a bike. From turning upside down, to turning right side up, in the end all is well for the Banks children.

All of these fun and exciting adventures will truly make you feel like you’re apart of the movie in addition to exploring a new world. With music and funny talking characters, Mary Poppins makes not just the best nanny in England, but one of the true classics of Disney’s films.

The new Mary Poppins was truly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, from her classy dysfunctional style to her weird sense of knowledge, she will always be loved and missed by the Banks children, but Mary Poppins will always return for the banks children only when they need a proper lesson.

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