“Man on the Run,” A Case of Karma 

Alexandra Blockton


Knowing your childhood friends would cost you your marriage. Or, worse, finding out your spouse never really cared for you from the beginning of your marriage. Wil, Kyle, Allen and Jay are all childhood friends who grew up together and remained friends throughout their teenage years and adulthood.

The fact that Wil comes from a family of filthy rich people and literally all of the friends themselves are pretty wealthy plays a huge part in Carl Weber’s novel. Somewhere in the beginning of adult life, Jay managed to get himself in a bizarre situation with this crazy girl named Ashlee who falsely claimed Jay of raping her. He had spent ten long years in prison and just couldn’t handle it anymore, so he decided to escape prison to see his children and best friends one last time to talk with them face to face to convince them of the truth.

The scandals, betrayal, and low down dirty secrets these men keep within their marriages is beyond the drama of an individual taking their last breath. In fact, Jay was on the run from U.S Marshals and they were searching for him while harassing every friend, family member, and known place he could possibly be hiding. But it took quite some time for authorities to capture him.

Meanwhile, Wil, Kyle, and Allen are basically losing their marriages due to helping Jay while he is on the run. The truth is finally brought out to everyone by surprise and life seems to become better. Until one of the men gets arrested and end up having to go on the run himself.

Myself, I would not be able to throw my marriage down the drain for anyone. I don’t care who it is! I think that is so mean, weird, and selfish to do something of that nature. Let alone helping a good friend out because they decided to escape from prison would definitely be a scary situation because I would be putting myself and my family in danger with law enforcement—that is not something I’m willing to do.

But to even be willing to commit suicide because your at-large friend is caught by police so he decides to jump off a bridge so you stand right next to him—as what happens in this book—just to show him you will jump off too is insane! I would never in a million years stand next to anyone to jump off a bridge just to show them our friendship amongst each other is loyal. I do not think that is a way you show a friend loyalty and how much you truly value you all friendship.

However, personally I think “Man on the Run” is an excellent book to read. But considering all the different scenarios that take place, you must have a really mature mind to be able to read this book. Yes, I would read this again! The more I was reading this book, the more I wanted to know what was going to happen next. It is so good it will have you wanting to know more and more.

At the end, everything that happened throughout the story is like a good case of karma and I loved it. Trust me, after reading this urban novel you will be glad you read it because it’s an outstanding book. It keeps these characters on their toes and ready for battle no matter what the case may end up being.

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