Love Triangle

Anna Summers

Have you ever been in a situation where there was someone that likes you but you have no intentions on liking them back?

They try persistently with you and you still do not budge. They would send you morning text messages and reply every time you message them. Even if they are busy or about to go to bed they give you all the attention you want or need, but there is only one problem.

You want someone, but it is not them. You are begging for some  else’s attention, their time, and their energy. You want attention from the person that is giving you zero affection. You would do anything for them but they would not do the same for you, yet you still want that person. The person that wants you is doing everything you wish the person you want would do.

As much as you want them to pay attention to you, they won’t. You try to give the attention to the person who wants you, but it does not feel right no matter what you say or do. You accidentally lead the person on for months and they keep trying.

The person you want still continues to ignore you. They ignore your messages, yet you see them active on social media. You feel like you are not good enough and useless.

A word of advice if you are ever in this situation: you should let go of the person that you want, that continues to ignore you and will not give the same energy back that you are giving them. Try at least being friends with the person you do not want. You never know what might happen with that person. Do not put yourself in this situation when you know you do not have to be.

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