Lizzy McAlpine’s ‘Give Me A Minute’ is Worth the Time


By Cassie Ames

If you are looking for an album that offers you those happy, feel-good, love songs, along with those awful, comforting sadness of break-up songs- then Lizzy McAlpine’s ‘Give Me A Minute’ album is for you.

McAlpine is one of my favorite artists. I find that no matter what song she releases I am always impressed and in awe. She recently released her newest album, and it has gained her a lot of traction as a new and upcoming artist. I enjoy her new album, but that is not what makes me interested in her as an artist.

‘Give Me A Minute’ may not be bass-filled or contain louder music, but the songs in this album certainly hit your soul in the feels. I truly would say listen to the songs yourself because that is the only way you could understand what I will describe. I will be going into detail about some of my top favorites from this album.

The first song I fell in love with on this album is ‘Pancakes For Dinner’. It was the first song I heard from this album, and I was immediately in love. It was honestly the first song that I had ever heard that was not a complete heartbreak of a love song. I feel like it is about not leaving things unsaid and not wanting to regret leaving your feelings unspoken

The second song I love out of this album, which hits awfully close to home for me, is ‘Same Boat’. It is such an amazing song. Lizzy does an excellent job at conveying what it feels like to have feelings for someone and the apprehension about not knowing whether they are “in the same boat” as you. Not only is it a great soft song to listen to, but it is also beautifully written. My favorite lyric of this song is, “Would I bare my soul and maybe end up crying in the bathroom? Or would I ask you to kiss me slow?” This is my favorite line from this song, not only because of how she sings it during this part but because the lyrics are so raw and heartfelt. I just love it

Lastly, my favorite song out of this entire album is “Headstones and Landmines”. This song is so hauntingly beautiful that I struggle to find words to even describe it and how it makes me feel. The song is about what it feels like to lose someone and be grieving but at the same time be so numb to your emotions at the time. I feel like many people can relate to that. My favorite line from this song is “The books don’t say sorry // They don’t crowd and touch // They’re just observers collecting their dust // They know that nothing they say is enough // So they don’t say a thing.” This quote hit home for me because it describes what it is like to feel that numbness of losing someone and nothing anyone says will be enough to help or lighten how you feel. It is a more depressing song on the album, but it is the best

I would strongly encourage you all to go and listen to this album, it has a bunch of other songs that are just as good and noteworthy! Lizzy McAlpine is undeniably an upcoming artist that is slowly gaining traction. She is one I am keeping an eye on for sure.  

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