Listen Linda: More Food Service Nightmares

Olivia Bettorf

Hello Linda Lovers, and welcome back to the column where we talk about our annoyances in life but really do nothing about them until we officially go insane!  This month’s Listen Linda will be a part two of our last topic. Food Service Nightmares. As I have stated in the last article about my first actually hourly paying job, it was terrible but it only got worse.

My second food service job was at a restaurant that was a little bit different than others. It was an older restaurant. By older, I mean it was turned into the restaurant in the 1980s. It’s meant to be a family-friendly place to eat, but it’s really anything but. Most of the workers, including waitresses, weren’t the best people to work with. Well, they weren’t the best people for me to work with. When I worked there, I eventually became the person who would do the hardest grunt work and still managed to get in trouble if anything went even slightly wrong. My main responsibilities were to either seat people or cleared tables after customers would leave.

Now let us look at the flaws of the lovely restaurant. The biggest one was some of the waitress’s behavior. The older waitresses were nice unless it was a busy day! However, the middle-aged waitresses, or at least one of them, was a bit… let’s say complicated. Very, very Complicated.

This woman had a bit of a superiority complex with a nice dash of narcissism. This also led her to believe she could treat me however she wanted to. Such behavior isn’t really appreciated when business is dead throughout most of the winter, even though I admit it helped me make more money on my paycheck. She was definitely something else, to say the least.

I recently discovered through the grapevine that this waitress cursed out the owner and boss before leaving her job there for another one. While this isn’t out of her character, it may not reflect well on her record, at least in my opinion. Listen Linda, you don’t know everything and that’s okay!

Sadly, this story is so much longer than this. I have only scratched the surface of this awful, terrible job. So all of you Listen to Linda Lover’s check back in next time to listen in on more of slightly dramatized suffering I choose to portray, and I will see you next time on Listen Linda! Until then, stay lovely, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and here’s wishing to a lovely spring!

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