Listen Linda: Do Your Job!

Olivia Bettorf

Everyone at one point has a job with other people, specifically very rude people. Those people that leave you to do most of the heavy lifting. Some of those people are rude or lazy until the Boss and or Bosses show up and then suddenly, they’re on top of everything, and try to get everything done, almost barking orders at you and acting like you haven’t already done everything you’re supposed to do while it is dead and there are no customers. Well, folks, have I got a little rant story for you!

I work at a grocery store and I work with some nice people. All of our customers like us and say we are very kind. Sadly enough, they do not really see how rude a person is to me. Let’s call her Linda.

Linda is pretty lazy and only does things to make her look like she is working. For example, she once took a piece of paper and compared it to another for a good three to five minutes. It was a difference of what is supposed to be given to a customer and a store copy. It tells you at the very top, it’s not hard to put two and two together.

Along with this, I use to be nice to her and she wasn’t as bad as now, I gave her rides home when we closed together. Now she thinks she can demand them from me and I literally make her say please because I am not her maid.

This is all annoying, but something she said to me one night in particular when we were working together recently really made me resist doing something that would have made me lose my job. It was a dead night, as only one customer came in about every hour or so.

We, or rather I, had done most of the inventory and restocking when we got there so it was pretty dead afterward. The entire time she was complaining about a wisdom tooth.

Understandable, wisdom teeth hurt, but that didn’t stop her from being unprofessional the entire shift. Now here is where she really gets to me. It was two hours till we had to close, so I was thinking, if I close my side down now, she can just check the customer out and I can do the night cleaning. Then a product company came in.

So okay, we don’t need both computers, I can still shut my side down and we can still use her computer. So before the delivery guy came in with the product, I told her I was going to shut down my side and her reply was so snarky and rude.

“Why? So you can sit there and do nothing like you have been doing all day?” She said.

I nearly lost my temper, for a good two to three hours, we have both been doing nothing. We were also both on our phones, but she was calling people, she said it up really loud playing videos. It was not just this day, she also puts her phone on speaker when she is calling someone and keeps on speaker when she is checking out a customer!

Back to the story, soon our two bosses come in, they’re very nice people. Linda then starts to actually help but then stops and talk with our bosses, she tells them about her tooth, and then she that hurt computer is acting up. Then, she just stopped working on putting everything up and helping with finishing up. So, allow me to say listen Linda, and don’t be super rude and unhelpful at your job then claim the credit for my effort. It reflects poorly on your character, of which I can see you have very little of which, to begin with!

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