Lewis and Clark Music Department Hosts Another Successful Concert Featuring the Gavin O’Brien Band

Carly Schafrrin on Acoustic Guitar

By Brayden Walter


On March 7, the Lewis and Clark Music Department held a concert in the Ringhausen music building starring indie rock musician Gavin O’Brien and a live band composed of an entourage of friends who love nothing more than to jam together. The Memorial Chapel was packed to the brim with people of varying backgrounds and walks of life, all coming together to revel in the music.

Inspired heavily by British rock bands and a touch of folk music, O’Brien is a young artist who has dabbled in the music scene since childhood. He has steadily accumulated a captive audience as he grew and continues to grow as an artist and improve his craft. When asked about his favorite composition, the track “I’m Tired of Staring at My Phone” came out on top. It is a soothing, mellow song about an individual who longs for someone, presumably a partner, to return home.

The band was composed of Gavin O’Brien as the lead singer and guitarist, Anthony Andre on the bass guitar, Phil Schaffrin on drums, Carly Schaffrin as backup vocalist on the acoustic guitar, and last but not least, Max Hoppenbrowers as the lead guitarist.

The band is still on tour attending several venues — no doubt charming audiences with their sparks of talent. “I am a shy person, so being in front of lots of people can be overwhelming, but once the music starts, I am absolutely in my element. Being on stage and the music helps me express myself and get out of my shell!” Carly Schaffrin said.

This is not the first concert the Gavin O’Brien band has put on for LC, and we hope to continue hosting their musical talent in support of both the performers and student engagement.

To listen to Gavin O’Brien’s music and discover more about his artistry, you can explore his musical offerings on Spotify at “Gavin O’Brien.” For a deeper connection and the latest updates, you can also join him on social media by following him on Instagram @1gavinobrien or joining his Facebook community at Gavin O’Brien.


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