Lewis and Clark Launches New Brand and Team Members’ Spirits


By Isabelle Flener


Lewis and Clark Community College’s new brand was met with enthusiasm at a Brand Launch Party Dec. 12.

The unveiling of the new brand and logo was celebrated by team members, students and the public. Attendees were treated to free, branded merchandise, beverages and desserts.

“I love the new logo it is amazing,” said L&C President Ken Trzaska. “It represents our college going forward and that is exhilarating. The new brand is energizing, and it is reflective of the past while also showing the drive we have for the future.”

After L&C’s 50th anniversary in 2020, it began an extensive brand and website refresh project. The college used focus groups and anonymous phone surveys to help shape the new brand.

“It is exciting to see how the community reacts and continues to engage with the college,” said Alice Bunjan, student support staff member. “I really like the new logo, and I think we have caught up to the 21st century.”

Bunjan has been an employee at Lewis and Clark Community College for more than 20 years.

“The new brand makes me feel happy and hopeful for the future as we integrate back to the normal community college setting post-pandemic,” she said.

The new brand includes a comprehensive brand guide for team members. The website is next on the agenda for changes and updates.

Questions regarding the new logo and brand can be sent to Marketing and Public Relations Manager Laura Inlow at linlow.lc@edu.

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