Lewis and Clark Community College Professor Makes Movie

Movie scene from “Drinksgiving”
Brennen Larson
Associate Editor/Writer

Fans of locally-made films will be excited to know that a movie written by a Lewis and Clark faculty member is now available through multiple online streaming services.

Lainee Frizzo, a professor who teaches creative writing, poetry, and publishes the school literature journal, the Peppermint Rooster, wrote Drinksgiving. It tells the story of post-grad Sarah Douglas and her friend Jake as they throw a party the night before Thanksgiving, resulting in disaster and hilarity.

Lainee and her co-writer, John Forrest, decided to make a feature-length film after previous experience in releasing a short film. They chose Drinksgiving in part due to it requiring few locations and wardrobe changes, and also because it featured a female lead.

“As for the story,” Frizzo said, “one year, we had seen a number of Facebook posts the night before Thanksgiving -people were referring it as Skanksgiving.” They ultimately decided on the other name usually associated with the pseudo-holiday, Drinksgiving, which refers to the activity of getting together with friends the day before Thanksgiving to drink, since people rarely have work the next day.

The film was released on November 14, after a couple months of scriptwriting, six months of preparation, 13 days of filming, and two years of post-production. “All in all,” said Frizzo, there were more than 50 people involved in some aspect of making the film. Talent, crew, and all of those who lent their time working on food, rentals, housing, etc.“

At present, Lainee is working on more scripts, trying to get funding for future projects, and promoting Drinksgiving. The film is available now on multiple platforms, including Amazon video, Google Play, YouTube, and iTunes.

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