Lewis and Clark Brings Students Together to Explore Temporary Body art and wax Hand Sculptures 

Art in Progress

By Katie Loethen 


On Tuesday, Jan. 30, Lewis and Clark College played host to a celebration of various arts. The event aimed to not only bring together new and returning students, but also to provide them with a feast for the senses. Between 10:45 a.m. and 12:45 p.m., the true stars of the event were the artists. Their skillful hands brought to life wax sculptures, intricate henna tattoos, and vibrant air brush designs. 

The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as students from different backgrounds eagerly queued up to experience the diverse artistic offerings and savor delectable cuisine. Matt Price, echoing the sentiment of many, appreciated the overall experience. “The food’s pretty good, nice music, nice people, and it’s cool to just get the tattoos,” Price stated. 

LC student Julian Gulledge shared her opinion of the experience, “The event so far is pretty nice, you know, nice people, nice food.” 

Another student, Theo Hoffstetter, succinctly described the occasion as “cool.” 

Josh Routh, an air brush artist with a wealth of experience, shared, “I’ve been doing airbrush art for about five years.” Routh commended the event organizer, “Jared always puts on a great event in Lewis and Clark.”  

The enduring connection between Josh Routh and LC was highlighted when he mentioned, “I’ve been coming to Lewis and Clark to host events for at least five or six years, doing all kinds of stuff like magic and other cool things.” 

Henna artist Ginger Routh revealed her artistic journey, “I started during COVID, so about three years now. But I already did face painting, airbrush, animal balloons — I was already a body artist for over 20 years.” 

In conclusion, LC’s Art Extravaganza successfully brought together students in a celebration of creativity, community, and culinary delights. The event underscored the importance of fostering a vibrant campus culture, providing a platform for diverse artistic expressions and creating lasting memories for all who attended. 

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