Letting it Go by Letting it Grow!

Ashtyn Britt

October eleventh of this year was National Coming Out Day, an important part of LGBTQ+ History Month which stretches through the entire month of October. National Coming Out Day is a national holiday allowing LGBTQ+ people the option to come out if they choose to do so.

For this special day held in honor for those who may or may not be hiding their LGBTQ+ identity, LC Pride hosted an event allowing anyone who approached their table helps in fountain court to receive a pot, soil, and various colored flower paper-seeds so that the recipients may write or confide a secret to then let it go and let it grow.

It was made clear all people, even if they weren’t LGBTQ+, were all allowed to participate and accept a flower if they wanted to.

A few people happily greeted the club’s table, and a few inquired about the kind of flowers the seeds may end up growing into.

The leaders of the table then explained that each pot came with a list of instructions for how to care for the plant, and revealed that there was a mixture of different seeds to allow a complete surprise for what would possibly grow!

LC Pride hosts many events on campus for both LGBTQ+ people and Non-LGBTQ+ people to come and enjoy, including a talent show that will be hosted Nov. 2 at 7 P.M. The talent show will be a free event for attendees.

For anyone interested in joining or reaching out to LC Pride for further information, the co-presidents may be contacted at nhogle@lc.edu and cshipley@lc.edu.

They may also be reached by the LC Pride Facebook page. Confidentiality is guaranteed for any and all members, since not all LGBTQ+ people may be comfortable being out to the world about their identity.

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