Let’s Get Reel: The Peanuts Movie




Darick T. Earney
Associate Editor

Beloved comic strip character, Charlie Brown, is back and better than ever with the all new “The Peanuts Movie,” released on Nov. 6, pays a lovely tribute to late ‘Peanuts’ comic creator, Charles M. Schulz.

“The Peanuts Movie” is a computer animated family film directed by Steve Martino, and written collaboratively by Craig Schulz, Bryan Schulz, and Cornelius Uliano. The animation was developed by Blue Sky Studios, best known for the children’s comedy franchise “Ice Age.”

The movie follows the life of protagonist, Charlie Brown, a down-on-his-luck grade schooler who aims to impress a new girl who’s just moved into town, known only to the audience as ‘The Little Red Haired Girl,’ with the help of his trustee sidekick and dog, Snoopy.

Meanwhile, Snoopy discovers a typewriter in the dumpster at Charlie’s grade school and begins typing a novel about becoming a flying ace during World War I, who takes down the German fighter pilot known as the ‘Red Baron.’

This subplot also features a love interest for Snoopy named Fifi, a white poodle, and best friend Woodstock, a yellow bird who teases Snoopy in various points of the film.

Starring in the film was newcomer Noah Schnapp (Charlie Brown), Disney starlet Francesca Capaldi (The Little Red-Haired Girl), and voice acting veteran Bill Melendez reprising his roles as Snoopy and Woodstock.

Verdict: 3 Reels.

While this is not the first feature film Charlie Brown and the ‘Peanuts’ gang has had, I’d say it’s quite arguably the best.

Screenwriter Craig Schulz really comes through in paying tribute to his late father, Charles Schulz’s, work with the helping hand of his son, the aforementioned Bryan Schulz.

I say this because, unlike previous screen adaptations of Charles Schulz’ comics, this movie has smooth, digital animation that brings a whole new atmosphere to the world of the Peanuts.

Not to mention that the soundtrack of the motion picture features a variety of songs from pop artists such as Meghan Trainor to classical musicians, like Beethoven, to keep the story relevant to both today’s and yesterday’s audience.

I challenge anyone to witness Charlie Brown’s desperate attempts to win the heart of the ‘Little Red Haired Girl’ and smile when a plan foils and Snoopy rushes to his side to cheer him up.

It’s amazing to me that comic strip characters can still, after 65 years, be re-adapted and appreciated by kids today with the right story, technology, and music.

“Stories, like the one we see in ‘the Peanuts Movie,’ have a positive influence on kids because when children are growing up, they model everything,” Lewis and Clark Child Development Major, Jessica Carlisle said. “It is through the messages and themes expressed in these stories that kids can learn right from wrong, and because the characters are so young, children tend to identify with them.”

“The Peanuts Movie” is a feel good family movie in every way and I’d recommend it to any parent who wishes to share some laughs with their children.


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