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Photo provided by: deathgasmthemovie.com
Photo provided by: deathgasmthemovie.com
Justin Forrest

Deathgasm is a movie filled with buckets of blood and dripping of humor.

Almost reminiscent of a certain Sam Raimi franchise about a guy and his chainsaw, this movie is a story about a young metal-head from New Zealand named Brody, who is forced to move in with his very Christian aunt, uncle and abusive cousin, who pick on Brody and his two nerdy friends.

On top of that, Brody also falls in love with the popular girl in school, who he feels is out of his league. Life is hell for Brody, and it is not the glamorous kind of hell the musicians in the music he likes sing about.

To cope, he starts a band with his new best friend and fellow metal-head, Zakk. After a series of events, they come across pages of an ancient piece of sheet music that can summon demons.

After one particularly brutal beat down by his cousin, Brody decides he could use this power to his advantage. That is when all hell breaks loose. Again, not the good kind. Is there really any good kind?  

Along the way you will witness pain, love, betrayal and brotherhood. It is kind of like Shakespeare, but with more demons and guitars. If you are not a fan of low brow comedy, then this is probably not the movie for you.

Through it all, this movie is silly, stupid fun with good comedic timing performed by an unknown cast. Especially from Zakk’s actor, James Blake, whose brand of sarcastic and situational comedy summons plenty of laughs. Another high point is the fantastic practical effects and CGI.

The major downsides here are that it takes a second for the real meat and potatoes of the movie’s plot to get going. But, that almost works in its favor by giving you time to understand Brody and the pain and loneliness he is going through.

The biggest sin this movie makes is that it squanders the side cast and antagonists of the film. It isn’t until the end of the movie before the true villains really even face the heroes, only to be dispatched quickly.

Despite its faults, this movie will definitely provide fun to keep you going all the way through. I’ve mentioned earlier comparisons to describe this movie, but that doesn’t mean that this film doesn’t have its own spirit or identity.

I’ve really never seen anything exactly like Deathgasm. This movie is a labor of love to all things, gore, horror, comedy and, of course, metal. Stay tuned after the credits for a special treat and look out for the upcoming sequel “DEATHGASM Part 2: GOREMAGEDDON.”

I give the movie three sixes out of five. Just kidding, I give it four reels out of five.




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