Lessons I’ve Learned in Life

Anna Summers

Have you ever had a problem where you think that you’re happy with your life, but then reality hits and it feels like the universe keeps just tearing you down? One moment, you are having a good day and then it all hits the fan and you are wondering what happened! Not everything bad that happens is what it at first seems to be, and may have a reason for playing out. Sometimes things happen for a reason you can’t foresee yet, even though not many people agree with this theory. From going through a breakup, your parents are trying to kick you out, to even almost losing a close friend, sometimes things get worse before they can get better.

The break up could easily be fixed or can become a huge lesson learned in life. Maybe the relationship didn’t work out for all the right reasons, or maybe you knew deep down something wasn’t right between you two but didn’t see it until now. No one will ever know what can really happen in life, or what the future has in store for us. With your parents trying to kick you out, it could be a very bad situation! Some parents do not mean it when they say they want you out, even though it can hurt to hear them say as such. I know to get along with your parents, especially when you are getting older in age, is very difficult.

It is just out of anger or stress from their long day at work or just dealing with random stress to begin with? They might not show it at times but they do love you and care about you. Then to the friend you almost lost, they’re probably going through a lot as well and just don’t want to admit it to you. They may not even mention it to you because you have problems of your own, and they don’t want to burden you. Sometimes you will have to push your problems to the side and help your friend out. Nobody should feel alone in any situation. We need to have compassion, which is the biggest life lesson anybody can learn.

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