Learning Tai Chi with Margie Sinclair-Parish

Alexander Gent


Lewis and Clark Community College is offering Tai Chi classes through the Community Learning Office.

This class has been offered by the college for many years based on the availability of certified instructors. It is currently instructed by Margie Sinclair-Parish, professor and AIM program coordinator at Lewis and Clark.

Sinclair-Parish has practiced Tai Chi for 16 years and began teaching the class here in the Fall of 2017 shortly after receiving her instructor’s certification.

“I recommend Tai Chi for anyone,” Sinclair-Parish said. “Participants of any age can benefit from the practice of Tai Chi. My classes have included participants from teenagers to people in their 80s.”

She is certified to teach Tai Chi for arthritis and fall prevention but explained that some of her students have found relief from diabetes and fibromyalgia as well as reporting improved balance, better focus, improved memory and an overall sense of stress relief and or relaxation by doing Tai Chi.

Steve Campbell, professor and Graphic Design/Web Design and Development program coordinator at Lewis and Clark, was in attendance of one class hoping to “decompress from the day’s events” before teaching his night courses.

Tai Chi is one of the Chinese martial arts practiced for self-defense training and health benefits. Translated to English Tai Chi means: “the source”, or “the beginning.”  It’s believed to have origins dating back to twelfth century and in modern times has developed a worldwide following of people with often little or no interest in martial training.

The class meets once a week in the lobby of the Hatheway Cultural Arts building on the Godfrey Campus. For the convenience of participants, there is a Tuesday class from 7:30 p.m.-8:20 p.m. and a Wednesday class from 4:40 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Classes will run about five or six weeks depending on the schedule. The next sessions will begin Oct. 9, for Tuesdays and Oct. 10 for Wednesdays and each will meet until the second week of November. The cost for a five-week session is $30 and a six-week session is $36.

Anyone interested in registering for the upcoming sessions can call L&C at (618) 468-5701 and speak with Becky Moore.

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