LC’s Basketball Teams Show Resilience and Transformation After Securing a Win Against Spoon River

By Irene Ruiz 

Photos by James Pepper 

Both our women’s and men’s basketball teams won on Saturday, Feb. 3 against Spoon River Community College, with the following results: women’s 78-42 and men’s 84-72. 

After many team changes and challenging times, both teams are getting back on their feet and approaching the turnaround everyone hoped for. The season began with big changes for both teams, completely altering their systems. The men’s team retained only two players from last year, while the women’s team was revamped with thirteen new freshmen. 

“For both programs, this season has been a reset,” Women’s Interim Head Coach Isaac Moore said. 

Even though the program is going through tough times, we can all see the potential of the individual players and the entire team. On the women’s team, Hayley Rodges, Klowie Pike, and Cora Causey have become big contributors. On the men’s side, Joshua Dickens, Byron Stampley Jr. and Quentin Hall are shining. 

“The improvement made for most players is very hopeful and several players are coming off career highs in points, rebounds, and assists,” Moore said.  

The women’s team coaches believe the key to improvement is involvement and hard work. With the recent addition of Coach R. Lee Richardson, known as one of the best assistant coaches in the area, they believe the team will be able to improve their level. For the men’s team, coaches think their key to development must start with defense work and team chemistry. 

“We are coming off the program’s biggest win in over two years. We have been outrebounding our opponents for four straight games. What we are doing has tremendous potential,” Moore explained. 

Each of these games represents college basketball with intensity and fun. The support of the crowd cheering is what encourages our teams to move the season forward.  

“We’re having fun and love for the support of students, staff, and community members,” Moore said. 

For more information about LC Men’s or Women’s Basketball, contact Coach Isaac Moore or Coach R. Lee Richardson.  

For more information about LC Athletics, contact Cody Zippman at 

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