LC Student Appreciation Day with Mikeith Teague

By Kal Weiss 

Lewis and Clark Community College (LC) held an appreciation day for students on Thursday, Feb. 8 in the River Bend Arena on campus. There was free pizza, wings, and soda, as well as games, an open gym, and plenty of fun for everyone. 

Former alumnus Mikeith Teague joined the student body in their adventures, engaging with everyone in stride. The marketing and PR team at LC recorded with Teague and some of the event’s attendees for the LC Ambassador campaign, offering students the chance to appear in promotional videos for the college. 

The event had a great turnout; students in the hundreds commiserated with their peers and took enjoyment in the camaraderie. Occupational therapy student Saundra Metcalf commented that events like this “make people feel more included and encourages good mental wellbeing.” It brought people of all kinds in the student body together in a way that discarded hierarchy and focused on people’s success and how hard they have worked at LC.  

When asked if this is something that should be held regularly, almost all students said yes. Second year student Dre Singleton said that he thinks that events of this nature “should be mandatory.”  

“It’s a very good way for students to feel appreciated and to have a good time, which is very important at Lewis and Clark,” Singleton said. 

Metcalf added onto Singleton’s comment, declaring, “People can go to school and increase their academics, but you can’t really increase your social skills, which are a main component of whatever you’re doing outside of school.”  

If you would like to participate in events like this on campus, go to and check out the Campus Events calendar. Also, keep an eye out for announcements on the Lewis and Clark Community College Facebook page. 

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