LC Pride Takes the Mic at Auditions

Madeline Runyon


To prepare for LC Pride’s upcoming talent show, auditions were held on October 22nd. The auditions were open to all and were held in Hatheway Hall.

A number of acts were done, including dances, performance of both popular and original songs, and talented musicians. The auditions ran from noon to three and resulted with quite the turn out.

Some students may recall a workshop here on campus led by board advisor to “One Million Kids For Equality,” Landon Brown. Brown spoke on campus about the organization and they did a phenomenal job on not only sharing challenges that LGBT+ students face everyday, but also on teaching empathy to those who aren’t affected immediately by homophobia and transphobia.

The proceeds raised from the talent show will be donated to “One Million Kids For Equality,” which is an LGBT+ friendly group that works with children and teenagers in the gay community to raise awareness about bullying.

One Million Kids For Equality works to engage, educate, and empower LGBTQ youth, children of LGBTQ parents, and allies to share their stories for social change,” explains the organizations official website.For those who can not attend the talent show but still wish to be involved, there is more information on the website as well as links on how to donate to the cause.

For those interested in attending, the talent show takes place on November 2nd. Doors are open at six and the show starts promptly at seven in Hatheway Hall.

Not all who are performing are members of LC Pride, nor are all even members of the gay community. This event is open to whoever wishes to attend, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

One auditionee, Noah Jones, is not a member of LC Pride but still is involved, performing an original song. “I want to support a group that makes people feel included,” says Jones.

Obviously LC Pride isn’t holding an audition without showcasing one of their own members. “I like to dance and there is money involved,” joked Pride member Nick Moss who will be performing a dance routine.

The auditions were a definite success and for all who are interested in seeing these amazing auditions performed, make sure to attend the Talent Show. You won’t be disappointed!

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