LC Pride Opens its Door to Spread the Love

Ashtyn Britt


Wednesday, April 3, 2019, LC Pride hosted an open house from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for all Lewis and Clark Community College students, as well as provided free pizza and cupcakes for all who attended. The room was beautifully and colorfully decorated, showing pictures from previous moments of the group as well as various Pride flags in order to relate to more to students who may be members of the LGBTQ+ Community.

The club room had been set up comfortably to allow for many people to attend and enjoy themselves, as well as displaying an LGBTQ+ mini-library in the room featuring either LGBTQ+ characters or LGBTQ+ authors. Book donations are accepted at any time by LC Pride advisor Steve Higgins.

As intended, there were a variety of students who came to visit the event and have a good time, including members from The Bridge, BSA, and more.

LC Pride President Natalie Hogle was happy to offer the student body the chance to better know and ally themselves with LC Pride, having bright hopes for the future. “The LGBTQ+ Pride group is a safe environment that welcomes anyone, even if you’re straight and not LGBTQ+.” Says Hogle. “We just hope for a better future for the LGBTQ+ Community.”

Another member, who chose to remain anonymous, also commented saying that “Anyone can join our Pride club. It’s a safe community where anyone can be themselves.”

The event was undoubtedly a success for LC Pride, and will hopefully allow more opportunities for open houses in the future. For any further information on LC Pride or how to join, email advisor Steve Higgins at, LC Pride President Natalie Hogle at, or visit the Facebook page or LC Pride for further information on the club and future upcoming events.

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