Lewis and Clark College for Kids Offers Volleyball Camps



Graphic by Karen Hancock. Lewis and Clark College for Kids Offers Volleyball Camps
Graphic by Karen Hancock
Lewis and Clark College for Kids Offers Volleyball Camps

Lewis and Clark Community College
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Lewis and Clark’s  College for Kids program has a number of volleyball camps, including a new one-day camp for boys, planned as part of its athletic programming this summer.

“Our camps have been growing each summer,” said head coach and camp director, Jim Hunstein.  “We’re expanding our offerings to give even more players from the area the chance to participate and improve their volleyball skills. With so many schools starting or running boys’ programs, we felt it was time to provide training specific to the boys’ game. Boys are certainly welcome in our other camps, especially the specialty camps, but this one is just for the guys.”

L&C will present two different four-day general skills co-ed camps, based on the participants’ ages. Skills Camp I is for players entering grades 9-11 in the fall. Skills Camp II is for players entering grades 5-8.

“We want to help these players get ready for their high school and middle school tryouts, respectively,” Hunstein said.

There are also three specialty, one-day camps focused on specific positions.

“Our defensive, setting and hitting camps will really help boys and girls increase their talents in these key positions,” Hunstein said.

Each of the camps will help participants improve in many aspects of volleyball through focused, but fun, training.

“The coaches at the camps will include several of our Trailblazers players and coaches, as well as other area coaches.” Hunstein said.  “We keep it a very low player-to-coach ratio to make sure the campers get the attention and coaching they need to be successful.”

The school is also hosting a summer volleyball league on Monday nights for area high school teams and high-level club teams.

“We’ve been trying to get this off the ground for years, and finally have enough interest to make it a reality,” Hunstein said.

For more information, or to register for any of the camps below, please contact Jim Hunstein at (618) 468-6250 or at jhunstein@lc.edu.


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