L&C Hosts Unforgettable Fall Fest

Alexandra Blockton


Those not in attendance at Lewis and Clark Community College’s Fall Fest 2019 missed out on giveaways, food and more. 

More than 800 students attended this year’s festivities. Students were given shirts, water bottles, chunky slices of watermelon, hamburgers and hot dogs fresh off the barbecue grill.

“Overall, considering the extreme heat, I think fall fest went very well,” Student Activities Coordinator Jared Hennings said. “There were plenty of activities, from trampoline, joust, rock wall climbing and an abundance to eat for students. Factoring in the photo booth, face painter, caricaturists and balloon makers, it seems like there was something for everyone. I’m glad we took a moment to remember our fellow citizens who lost their lives in the 911 attacks also with a special rendition of Taps from a student Matthew Rothe.”

Clubs were on hand to recruit new members and share information. Lewis and Clark’s award-winning radio station WCLA, the Nursing Club and LC Pride were just some of the clubs with tables. 

Financial Aid provided information about FAFSA and enrollment/registration for the upcoming 2020/2021 school year. 

The Veteran’s Club shared information about Veterans Services and L&C, and Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville provided information on transferable programs for students interested in furthering their education. 

The Student Success Center played games of Superman, which drew lots of the students to its table. In addition, a new club, Active Minds, made its first appearance at Fall Fest. The club focuses on mental health and other issues students may be facing. “Never be afraid to get help,” read one of the signs at the Active Minds table, “because we are here for you, and to be the change you want to see in others is their motive.”

“I thought Fall Fest was a wonderful event,” Active Minds Advisor Chrissie Chapman said. “There were a lot of students who were visiting the different tables. The food was good, and the dancing and music was fun. It felt more like summer fest with the weather, but overall, I think it was a great event.”

Noah Black won the dance contest. Connor Everright and Ashtyn Britt made it to the championship round. Michael Gardner was in first round with Black. Everright and Greg Towell danced in the second round, and Shannon Snyder danced third round with Britt.

To learn more about Student Activities at L&C, visit www.lc.edu/Activities_Clubs.

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