Law Profession Presentation Enlightens LC Students

Ashtyn Britt


Judge Ryan Jumper attended Lewis and Clark Community College to give a presentation in Reid Memorial Library on Monday, Feb. 4, 2019 about the practice of law and his experience in being a judge. Judge Jumper also eloquently touched on what drove him during his life to get himself to the position he is in now. Primarily in attendance were students in various law-related degrees, such as students in the paralegal program or students who had an interest in one day being a lawyer or judge themselves. After a kind introduction by Jared Hennings welcoming Judge Jumper to the podium in honor of Black History Month, Hennings also proceeded to inform the audience of Judge Jumper’s many accomplishments.

Judge Jumper had been a trial attorney for the Thompson Coburn firm in Saint Louis from 2010-2015, before serving as a city attorney for Madison, IL from 2015-2017. Judge Jumper then had been appointed Associate Judge of the 3rd Judicial Circuit for both Madison and Bond Counties in March, 2018. Judge Jumper was also editor of the Law Journal and the Journal of Legal Medicine for Southern Illinois University Carbondale while he was attending school there.

Judge Jumper articulately explained his love of his job, how he came to decide on the career he’s taken, and explained how his dedication to always working hard constantly drove him to keep pushing forward.

Judge Jumper made a point to emphasize that even during difficult times in his life, he still persevere so that he could succeed in life. Judge Jumper made the analogy that reaching your goals is like a race, saying that at first people seem to think that the race ends when they reach their goal, but it becomes apparent that race is in fact a marathon on a track. There is no real finish line, as there is always another goal to work towards next, and that hard work always pays off every time.

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