Kyle’s Guide: to Halloween



Kyle Watts

Staff Writer

The day of freaks and festivities approaches!  All Hallows Eve, Halloween!  This month’s guide is a list of informative details about Trick or Treating, and Halloween attractions in Godfrey and Alton, where readers are most likely to partake of the holiday.  First of all, check the local city’s website for trick-or-treating information to get the details, as this article has to cover a wide branch of topics.

Second of all, all treats to be given out during trick or treating, as always, must be store-bought candy, unopened, and delicious.  This is to ensure the candy being given out is safe to eat for everyone.  The traditional cut-off age for trick or treating is thirteen, but if someone goes to the trouble of dressing up and asking for candy, it is always in good spirit to give.  The village of Godfrey allows trick or treating on October 30 and 31, between 6 and 8 p.m., and the same holds true for Alton; with the addition of only being allowed to trick or treat within five blocks of home, and requiring an adult present.

For attractions, there is the Wood River Halloween parade on October 26 at 10:30 a.m.; the Mineral Springs Mall in Alton on East Broadway road; the Haunted Hayride in Godfrey on Boy Scout Lane (not making that up), and Acres of Terror out in Dow open every Friday and Saturday until November.  Happy Haunting.

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