Krystie’s Kuriosities: The Abominable Snowman

Krystie Morrison


We’ve all seen the episode of “Looney Tunes” where Bugs Bunny is adopted by the abominable snowman and renamed George, but do you really think the abominable snowman would be that cuddly and caring? 


The abominable snowman, also referred to as the yeti, has been talked about for centuries and is a common folklore in the Himalayas. The mysteria surrounding the yeti began in 1832 due to a journalist and his guides believing that they saw a massive creature lurking through the mountains. However, this sighting was proved to be just an orangutan passing through.

Krystie’s Kuriosities

Over 60 years later, footprints began to appear in the Himalaya region and guides would report that it was a bipedal, apelike creature with shaggy hair. These claims were later found out to be just a guide that passed on the sightings as a tall tale. After this, reported sightings of the Yeti disappeared altogether until the 1950s.


In the early ‘50s, there were numerous reports from mountain climbers on Mt. Everest claiming they witnessed large footprints while scaling the mountain. In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay also reported seeing these massive prints. Norgay even went on to later claim that he believed the yeti was a large ape, even though he had never spotted anything himself. He also reported that his father had witnessed the mysterious beast twice!


Going into the twenty-first century, the reports of yeti sightings began to decline. There were numerous descriptions of what the yeti looked like, the temperament and even the size in the footprints that were discovered and studied for years; however, the phenomenon of the yeti was coming to a close. Although, there are still explorers, researchers and even scientists who believe the yeti is out there, lurking through the mountains as we speak.

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