Katie’s Chaotic Corner – April Edition 



“How can I stop thinking about my ex?” 

My Advice 

First off, burn all the old items and give them back. Next, buy a ticket to Brazil. Learn Portuguese, live there for six months and find a career. Make new friends. Plant trees, then cut down those trees to build a tree house. Live in that tree house, avoid taxes and run from the government. Then leave the tree house, apply to work for the government under a false name, get hired and become president.  

Real Advice 

Try engaging in activities that you enjoy, spending time with friends and focusing on personal growth. It is important to create new positive experiences and give yourself time to heal. 

 “How can I tell if someone is a narcissist?”  

My Advice 

If a person says they’re not a narcissist, then they totally are. But if you still aren’t sure, try the Mario test. Tell them, “UGH TODAY WAS THE WORST!” If they respond with, “THAT SUCKS, BUT WATCH THIS BACKFLIP,” and they stick that landing, then they are the one. But if they don’t stick that landing and they fall and say “OW! HOW COME YOU DIDN’T TELL ME YOU MOPPED THE FLOORS?” then that there is a narcissist. Run as fast as you can. 

Real Advice 

You would not be asking that question of yourself if the individual was not problematic.  

Signs of narcissism include a lack of empathy, a constant need for admiration, a sense of entitlement, manipulation, and difficulty maintaining healthy relationships. Keep in mind that it is essential to consider these traits collectively rather than in isolation. Narcissism is a psychological disorder, but individuals can have narcissistic traits or engage in negative behaviors even if they aren’t necessarily a “narcissist.” 

 “How do I stop spending money?” 

My Advice 

Take out $100 in physical cash, then give your credit card or debit card to a trusted friend or family member. Have them hide it, then make you hunt for it. You’ll have a week to find it. If you don’t, rinse and repeat the process for another week. If you find it, you’re allowed to spend what you have on whatever that week. 

Real Advice 

Consider your financial goals, budget constraints, and whether your purchases align with your needs rather than wants. If you are consistently overspending or jeopardizing your financial stability, it may be time to reassess and cut back on non-essentials. 

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