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By Katie Loethen 


How did you deal with the daunting realization of “Oh, I’m an adult now!” when you turned 20? 

  • My advice: Just ball through it, then start singing in the shower more often and just start skipping in puddles to feel the wind in your hair.  
  • Actual advice: Embrace the freedom and struggles of adulthood. Have fun being able to do more, just having to do more.  


How do you deal with social anxiety on a day-to-day basis? 

  • (my advice) Buy one of those cat backpacks, train that cat not to run away or to scream for attention during class then whenever you start feeling anxious just pull out your little guy and give them a few pets.  
  • (actual advice) Take deep breaths and know that you got this, people struggle with their own social anxiety some less than others and that is ok just take your time little by little and work your way up.  


How do I deal with bad eating habits? 

  • (my advice) Get a friend who’s an engineer and make your fridge into a catapult to throw you giant balls of fire if you don’t eat the required amount of healthy food. If you overeat the fridge will throw the giant fire balls making you dodge those calories off and making you eat the required amount.  
  • (actual advice) Start by identifying triggers for unhealthy eating, create a balanced meal plan, and gradually make small, sustainable changes. 


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