Justice League Review: Is It Franchise Worthy?

Ashtyn Britt
Aquaman, Superman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Flash
Justice League movie poster. Photo provided by Justiceleaguemovie.com

If you’re looking for a superhero movie to enjoy with your friends, Justice League is the perfect film! DC Nation has faced plenty of criticism over the past couple of years for their movies, especially when being compared to their main competitor, Marvel. However, they’ve improved on quality, which shone brightly through the raved-about Wonder Woman that came out this previous June. The improvement can be seen continuing in the latest addition in the DC films, Justice League.

Justice League is a film about the start of a team of superheroes, including Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman. While most were somewhat reluctant to leave their usual lives, the heroes agree to unite with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Bruce Wayne’s Batman to protect the world against an evil alien named Steppenwolf, determined to collect the three Mother Boxes and combine them, which would lead to the destruction of all life. Steppenwolf, along with his many bug-like creatures called Parademons, create quite the threat for DC’s heroes.
The state of the world they’re living in doesn’t seem to help our beloved heroes very much, since everyone is still deeply mourning the loss of Superman, including the heroes themselves. The feeling of mourning is portrayed very clearly, with various locations all over the world presenting the Superman banner in his honor throughout the movie.
It is also spoken of many times in the movie that without Superman, there is a feeling of a lack of hope amongst the citizens of the world. While the heroes must build their bond to stay strong and figure out how to defeat Steppenwolf, each of our heroes must fight their own inner battles as well.

Victor Stone, or Cyborg, must have to learn how to move on from his accident and learn to enjoy the life he still has. Barry Allen, or The Flash, must figure out a way to move forward in life and plan for his future as more than being a petty thief. Diana Prince, or Wonder Woman, must learn to let go of the pain from her loss and help defend her Amazonian sisters when they call for her help against Steppenwolf. Arthur Curry, or Aquaman, must learn to defend the kingdom that he feels abandoned him. Bruce Wayne, or Batman, must meanwhile learn to process his grief and guilt over feeling that he caused Superman’s death.

As they learn to conquer their own issues, they also learn to conquer the external issues as a united team, a pleasant sight to watch and enjoy with our beloved DC Heroes. However, it is the hint of Lex Luthor’s escape and uniting with Death Stroke that creates the thrilling excitement of more excellent films to come!
It’s safe to say, the Justice League will return to stand for the people they’ve sworn to protect, and people will be happy to watch! If you’re looking for great action, interesting characters, insightful messages, and great acting, then look no further! Justice League offers all this and more.

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