Jake Saunders

Student Writer

Can the carnivorous forested eye

Defy darkened and plain-rouge tournaments?

The arrival of drive: indistinctly

Imploring a lesser and blank revere,

Are the sweetened hands venting sour pressures

Into lightly saccharine, grandiose charm;

Ornate are naturally friendly fingers,

Those long, alluring leaflet armaments…


“Island associate, fragrant infant

Devious to rake the deviant once:

The overture of air-blue and onyx,

Beige and brokenly full-bent and fluent,

It dawns!” concurs the limbed lord mourning

“O’er tombs of rosary, o’er flattery!

Prominence lures the kind, idle hands,

How terrible are the scented charmers…”


I shall encounter the alluring hum:

O fell champion! Halo-creation!


How frequent the bouquet-meals hint,

Aromatic vegetables of rose:

The essence of the parlous and the slave;

To reprise as sure as the siren wail,

To relish luridly luring desires –

I become embellished by aroma…


I shall intend to lure the luring hand,

Break the soul of blatant bones in silence;


Through the wood is a coming redolence:

The perfumes, provocatively untamed,

Honest, precocious palpable passion,

Ensnared and electrically laid sun-dusk!

Fine as juniper! Parley padded palms!

Aromatic-morning-hands of bloodroot

Rest in dragon-mouthed desire to plunder…



The hunt of mounted love for the hunter

Lay in the tempered vain of Parnassus,

Harmonious resounding sepulcher

Sings in the portrait of fascination:

Barked infant hands once sustained to lure,

Though cunning redolent-ravenousness

Ravished through lycanthropic caressing;

Preaching paws alter at the smell of death…


Alter the smell of death on the preaching paws…

Amend the scented death o’er appendage…

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