Jazz In Black And White

Peter Hussey

Peter Hussey conducts “Jazz in Black and White.” / photo: Jess Bonniwell

By Jess Bonniwell


Yesterday was the performance of “Jazz in Black and White”, a musical performance organized by Peter Hussey. The performance took place in the Ringhausen Music Building and not a seat was empty, in fact there were a few of the audience that were standing. Ann Davidson, coordinator of the LC Art Department, provided images that coincided with the music being played, which was a nice side visual, even though they sometimes got out of order.

Performers included LC faculty members Louis Michael, Bud Shultz, Peter Hussey, Wayne Kimler, Teresa Crane, Doug Byrkit, and Pauline Stillwell, and guest student performer Hannah Roady. Hannah Roady was one of the performers who played the Argentinian Tango on the marimba (which Hussey described as a xylophone on steroids). When asked, Roady (a freshman) said that she was “excited to be part of the event”.

Before each song Hussey would talk about the origins of the music, about some of the less mainstream instruments being used, and about the performers that were present.

The  music was enjoyable and well played. Jazz is something that has always been a classic American-born genre and will always be loved. One could see this love was evident in the performance put on by the group.

Missed the concert? Check out a gallery of images taken at the event below.

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