Is the Easter Bunny Evil?

Haley Ruyle


Many conspiracy theories have presented the idea about whether or not the Easter Bunny is more than just a happy Easter mascot with a fluffy tail. I mean just think about it! A random person in a bunny suit with scary red eyes. That’s just creepy!

Though many people believe that Easter is a day of Christ’s resurrection, it is considered by some to be “Satan’s Communion,” as claimed by Weirdly enough some people also believe that some parts of the bunny bring good luck, but is that true?

Why did the pagans decide to make Easter a day of celebrating chocolate bunnies, having fun dying eggs with the family, and little kids hunting for eggs filled with candy? Who could say?

Kids are manipulated into believing that there is an actual Easter Bunny when it is just make-believe and simply a person advertising for chocolate, costumes, egg dye, candy, and baskets for your run-of-the-mill Easter celebration. So why even believe in the Easter Bunny, if he’s an evil bunny just trying to control your wallet?

Most little children don’t even like the Easter Bunny. It’s just like sitting on Santa’s lap, a lot of kids are scared of the tall bunny. They subconsciously know it’s just a random adult inside the costume who tells these kids “Happy Easter, here’s some chocolate, and sit on my lap!” Like they have no choice and it scares them. Wouldn’t it frighten you?

Also, what’s with the eggs? He’s a giant rabbit, not a chicken. Is he trying to confuse us with his special eggs? just because they’re colorful and filled with candy, doesn’t mean you can fool us Easter Bunny! We’re on to you! This so-called Easter Bunny cannot be trusted.

Another interesting fact the Easter bunny is representing a religious holiday, though he is not mentioned in the Bible. Why is that? Does God not accept the Easter Bunny as a good bunny and believe he should go to Hell?

If this doesn’t convince you that the easter bunny is evil, then I don’t know what will! I understand people are very religious and take this holiday very seriously and truly believe in the biblical background behind it. However, I just believe in common sense. I believe that the Easter Bunny is coming for us all.

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