International Student Festival: Tour the World without leaving campus

group picture of students at 2017 international student festival
L&C hosted its first International Student Festival in 2017. Photo by Alex St. Peters
Alex Gent

All are invited to attend next month’s International Student Festival here at Lewis and Clark Community College. This year marks the second annual celebration of the event, which helps which helps raise awareness of the various cultural activities and traditions of the many countries represented here on campus.

Adrienne Reed-Oliver, Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion here at Lewis and Clark Community College is responsible for the creation of the event. Extending an invitation she said, “We would love for any of the colleges or affiliates of the Madison County area to participate by having a booth, or booths, to represent an international country, and what it offers”.

Last year, students from various countries dressed in their traditional clothing, brought in artifacts, wrapped treats for display at their booth and answered any questions in regard to their country. Attendants will be entertained with world music, dancing, crafts, games, as well as treats and refreshments and can expect for this event to bring awareness to the beauty that the world holds internationally.

The International Student Festival will take place on April 4 in the Ahlemeyer Atrium of the Trimpe building on Lewis and Clark Community College campus, 5800 Godfrey Road, Godfrey IL, from 11A.M. to 1P.M. All students and staff are welcome to participate.

Please contact Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion Adrienne Reed-Oliver if your club or group would like to represent a country in the exhibit gallery, or for additional information via phone at 618-468-6030 or via email at

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