Illinois Mask Mandates Lifted

By Jordan Jones

On Feb. 28, the state of Illinois will be lifting its indoor mask mandate policies. “We are now seeing the fastest rate of decline in our COVID-19 hospitalization metrics since the pandemic began,” Pritzker said during a meeting earlier this month. So long as “these trends continue,” students on campus should expect a lift to the mask mandates starting on Monday, Feb. 28.


While the mask mandate is likely to be withdrawn, the vaccine requirements will remain in effect until further notice. Unvaccinated students are still expected to undergo weekly testing in an effort to monitor the spread of COVID on campus. Furthermore, students are highly encouraged to continue masking and distancing despite these lifts. 


Since the Fall semester of 2021, Lewis and Clark has remained fully-masked. The L&C campus community has shown a great deal of respect for fellow staff and students during this time, and the college still encourages everyone to continue being mindful and considerate moving forward. Some students are still more vulnerable than others, and protecting yourself is protecting everyone. 


Moving forward, the L&C COVID Response Team (CRT) will continue monitoring any new executive orders and COVID-19 data. Lewis and Clark’s primary goal is to promote a healthy, safe community for students to thrive in, and that means following CDC guidelines and checking-in with new orders. 


Until further notice, feel free to check out Lewis and Clark’s COVID-19 testing and important data here. All students should check their Lewis and Clark emails for important updates concerning campus procedures/health, and we will continue to work through these onerous times together. 


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