How to Strengthen Your Study Skills as a College Student

By Alexandra Thompson

Many times studying for assignments, exams, quizzes,and/or tests,may seem overwhelming which can cause many students to become frustrated. Reviewing and revising, recording main ideas, recognizing important cues, connecting to prior knowledge and note-taking are some of the many ways to start off with trying to learn a studying technique that works for you and is beneficial to your learning. When you are able to learn a good studying technique that works best for you (because everyone does not study the same, many students learn differently) you will start seeing good results. Being able to take the correct approach is an awesome way to learn which studying technique works best for you.

Being able to review by revisiting the material you are studying by highlighting, and recopying and revising notes can be a key factor in helping you remember the material. Recording main ideas creates a balance in-between by listening to relevant examples and copying main ideas. Rewriting material is an excellent idea for someone who can remember the material when rewriting their notes multiple different times over again.

Furthermore, many auditory learners tend to learn material they are studying from listening to the same lecture over and over again which is very helpful if you find yourself to be an auditory learner.

The most important classic cues to identify in lecturers while trying to learn the material are gestures, pauses, vocal emphasis and knowing the amount of time you are spending on the concept. Connecting prior knowledge is very helpful, this is when you are able to put the material in your very own words to help you remember. While active listening can really be a key factor in studying, knowing how to properly use active listening skills is the priority. For example, instead of only writing down the material the lecturer says, you can listen to what is being said and relate it to your own experiences.

Overall, obtaining good, strong studying habits is very helpful as a college student. You just have to decide on what exactly works best for you. It may even be an awesome idea for you to try using multiple study habits to be able to locate the studying habit that best suits you as a student.

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