How the Season Ended

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by Brooke Lavite
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How I Met Your Mother came to an end last month after airing for nearly a decade. During its air, it gained a cult following.

HIMYM ran for nine years but the audience doesn’t see “the mother” until the last minutes of season eight and doesn’t meet the mother until season nine. The show recounts the late twenties and thirties of Ted Mosby.

The show begins in the year 2030 with Ted Mosby telling his children the story of how he met their mother.

Ted begins the story ten years prior to meeting their mother and tells his children of all his relationships of his late twenties and thirties. Future Ted only sparingly reveals characteristics and information about the mother.

Many fans were upset or even distraught by the ending of the series. Some viewers complained the show had betrayed its ideals.

“I didn’t like it. I thought it was terrible.” Art major, Ashley Ingold said.

Other viewers thought the ending accurately represented the entirety of the series. The series came full circle in the end and reinforced previous motifs in Ted’s story.

Most of the story Ted tells to his children is about his friend Robin, whom he loves. We end the series with the knowledge that the mother passed away years earlier. His children urge him to go after Robin.

“I didn’t like the show, but I thought the ending was appropriate.” Ross Pearson, History major said.

The last scene reinforced a major theme of the television show — Ted’s relationship with Robin. Ted goes to Robin and we see an identical scene to that in the pilot of the show with Ted calling to Robin from the front of her apartment with a blue French horn that he stole for her on their first date.

With the shows success, there is talk of a spin off titled How I Met Your Dad.

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