How it Feels to Lose Someone Close to You

Alexandra Blockton 


Imagine your bellicose heart feeling as if it’s skipping beats as you wake up to an obtuse phone call from your mother, only to inform you that your sibling has been shot and killed. Right, at the moment it was as if my whole body dropped and hit the floor. I was mentally in pain and my body was numb. It was as if I was dreaming but I couldn’t wake up. I received a phone call at approximately 2:15 a.m. from my mother, her screaming alone caused me to vomit from the pain. 

It’s as if a piece of me is gone, and I’ll never get it back! I think of my winsome brother daily since he was murdered by that yob. I was so livid as I cried, finding out that my brother had been shot multiple times in the body and the back of the head. But what was even more dreadful, was when I had to call and deliver the news to my other siblings, grandfather, aunts, uncles, family friends, cousins, etc. It was so overbearing for me, I couldn’t even hold myself upright. 

I was awake for nearly two days straight before my body finally allowed me to rest. 

Losing a loved one hurts terribly and nothing but time will help you heal. No matter how much we cry, hurt, and pour our hearts out, we know that our loved one is in a much better place and has turned into our very own personal angel who will always watch over us.

It’s never too late to show your loved ones how much you love them with a simple phone call, text, or even just stopping by to enjoy their company. Because tomorrow is not promised, we are all living in a cold world never knowing when we will take our last breath. It’s life, and we will all have our turn. Live right by your loved ones, peers and other people in this world! You will never know when it’s your turn. 

Most of all, love yourself, because it starts within you. Just start looking in the mirror daily, just to simply tell yourself, “I love you!” It will start to show on the outside, and you will certainly feel it. Overall, it will help you to love others as well as yourself.

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