Hovvdy – “True Love” Album Review

By Stephen Kern



Hovvdy is a two piece indie-pop/pillow-core band reigning from Austin, Texas. Their sound lives in the warm atmosphere of nostalgia and memory; it consists of  synths, piano, guitar, drums, and some cordial singing. Hovvdy’s lyrics are thoughtful, reflective, and honesty is paramount. Listening to Hovvdy evokes the feeling that everything will be okay.

On their fourth and brand new record, “True Love,” Hovvdy are able to keep the same atmospheric nostalgia but with a slightly more mature approach. This album is stocked with bright piano and joyful melodies, a soundscape as crisp as the early morning in the fall. “True Love” delivers songs and melodies with more enthusiasm than previous records like Hovvdy’s 2018 album,” Cranberry,” which is more warm and fuzzy. Ironically, the opening track for “True Love” was the last song to be added to the record when Martin and Taylor couldn’t finish a track they had in the works. The track “Joy” explores the feeling of letting go of the past and taking down the barrier of tension with communication. On “Hue,” Taylor expresses the overwhelming emotions that come with being a new parent; he sings “Am I strong enough for two? Can I love myself like I love you?” “True Love” delves into elements of childhood memories, pandemic life, uncertainty, love, hope, and compassion. “I felt really confident in letting this record be as tender and beautiful as we could make it, knowing there would always be a layer of darkness in there,” Martin said, in an interview with Consequence Sound.

Personally, I think that “True Love” is Hovvdy’s most dynamic, vulnerable, and biggest-sounding work to date. My favorite tracks are “Sometimes,” “One Bottle,” “Hue,” and “Blindsided.” Their music is pleasant and easy on the ears; I would recommend them to anyone in search of broadening their music interests.

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