Higher Learning Commission Visits L&C: Students Speak Out on State of the School


By Kal Weiss


On Monday, April 3, the Higher Learning Commission came to L&C to evaluate the state of the school. Two peer reviewers, Dr. Russ Baker and Dr. Cynthia Hoss, asked questions about staff involvement with the students, class success rates, extracurricular activities, and more.  

The student body demonstrated their maturity by warmly responding to each question and taking others’ responses into account when answering the reviewers’ inquiries. Regardless of the subject matter’s positivity or negativity, the students adapted well.  

Andrew Price, a student attendee, commented, “The HLC was very good with connecting with our students and making us feel heard, [whether it was] us communicating our stress throughout our courses and how they were taught.”  

The peer reviewers also addressed serious topics, such as racial inclusion, representation, accessibility, and mental health. Isabelle Flener, the president of Student Activities, stated, “The HLC made sure all students were able to share their feelings and thoughts.” Flener added, “The HLC was a positive experience for students to share their likes and dislikes about the college. Students were able to express different ways things could be better.”  

The HLC’s visit provided insight into the future and current state of the college, allowing faculty to indirectly connect with students. 

To view more photos from the event click here.

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