Happy Givings Giving People Hope in Time of Crisis

By Ashtyn Britt

In times of crisis, it is nice to have the chance to see the better side of humanity. Due to the recent “Happy Givings” groups on Facebook, we get to see this positivity a lot more often. Happy Givings groups are online groups created where people can submit their Amazon wish lists and if someone else has the money, they can choose to buy an item off of their list in order to lift their spirits.  The people in the groups also genuinely care about each other, and will often share good wishes and memes to make everyone feel good. There is a special gift that everyone is able to give in these groups, and that is hope.

A few months ago, a friend of mine recommended I join one of these groups, so I did. While I have not personally received any gifts from my list, I did send a few small items to others. Honestly, I love the giving even more than the getting and really enjoy being able to help others who may seriously need something during this pandemic. More than that, I love seeing the kindness and altruism that we have shown each other and am reminded of a modern-day version of checking on your neighbors in times of crisis.

For those interested, I highly recommend joining these groups and seek to help others before thinking of receiving anything for yourself. The group is more than just about wish lists, but also about helping people feel supported and happy in uncertain times. I love the Happy Givings group and have since turned a couple of my friends onto the group as well. It is a place where people can make friends and create fond memories, and I am personally very thankful to have found such a gem online. After all, the best thing any of us can get is hope.

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