Got Talent? Join the LC Pride Talent Show!

Ashtyn Britt


As the school year starts again, so does recruitment for school clubs. One of these clubs on Lewis and Clark Community College’s campus is LC Pride, which was created to be a safe space for potential LGBTQ+ students looking for a place to belong.

LC Pride has held multiple successful events over the last year and strives to continue to do so this coming school year in an effort to create a welcoming presence for incoming students.

To start off the new school year, LC Pride is currently running a talent show open to the entire student body.

“The LC Pride Talent Show is a talent show fundraiser for the LGBTQ+ Organization on campus, LC Pride, and an undetermined cause,” said LC Pride President Natalie Hogle. “Right now, 40 percent will go to LC Pride, 40 percent will go to an undetermined cause, and 20 percent will go to the two winners – Judges Choice and Peoples Choice”

Those who want to audition for the show can contact Hogle at Auditions will be held on Oct. 22 in Hatheway Hall on the L&C’s Godfrey campus from noon to 3 p.m.

        The auditions and show will both be held in Hatheway Hall. The show is Nov. 3 at 6 p.m.

        “Right now, we have two judges,” Hogle said. “The L&C Student Trustee Robynn Scott and the LC Pride Adviser Professor Steven Higgins. We are still in the works of finding a third judge.”

        There will be a cash prize for the winner. They will get a percentage of the funds raised from the show, Hogle said.

“The mission of LC Pride is to provide a safe space and community for LGBTQ+ people and create a sense of unity between members, as stated in the Official LC Pride Constitution,” Hogle said.

She welcomes people to join the club.

        “We are a very open, accepting group of people and are very welcoming to new members,” Hogle said. “We would love to have them!”

Even students who are not out of the closet yet are welcome to join.

“We, as a club and a safe space, are welcoming to all members,” Hogle said. “We do have a privacy clause that we cannot ‘out’ anyone in the club. Also, we do not require closeted students to be in photographs that will potentially be posted on any social media affiliated with LC Pride.”

Students interested in joining LC Pride can email Hogle at or Vice President Cassandra Shipley at

“After they email us, we will continue the process from there,” Hogle said.

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