Godfrey Firefighter Captain Jake Ringering Remembered As A Hero

Haley Ruyle


Everyone loves the classic firefighter, the heroic savior that symbolizes that anything is possible if one has faith; the goodness that spreads in all of our hearts. On March 5. 2019, in a fatal encounter in a house fire in Bethalto. Godfrey’s finest instructor and firefighter was called away to help and lost his life. Although he has passed, his memory will still live on, and will always be remembered as a hero.

After the collapse of the roof on Captain Jake Ringering, he died of injuries sustained from being crushed by the falling debris. Captain Jake Ringering will truly be missed and will always be remembered for his heroism in service of the Godfrey Fire Protection District. Captain Jake Ringering’s kind heartedness and the knowledge that he brought about fire safety to Lewis and Clark Community College was a gift that perpetuated throughout the community and will be greatly missed.

“The enthusiasm that Jake and Luke have brought to the Fire Science Program as instructors is contagious.” Says Bernie Sebold, Lewis and Clark Community College Fire Science Coordinator and the Chief of Alton Fire Department “When our students take one of their classes, they are eager to learn more so that they can exhibit the same passion for our trade. These firefighters are true professionals that are admired throughout the region.”

Lewis and Clark Community College will not be the same without Ringering. He was a lively spirit who brought life and knowledge into the school. Ringering was incredibly brave and had such a big heart. The mourning students and faculty at Lewis and Clark Community College could only wish the best for Captain Jake Ringering, as well as for his family and for the men that were also injured in the fire.

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