Generation Two Comes to Pokemon Go



Graphic by: Shelby Wallace
Graphic by: Shelby Wallace
Shelby Wallace
Graphic Designer

With more than 80 new Pokemon coming to the hit mobile free-to-play location based augmented reality game PokemonGO, Niantic hopes to bring back and attract new players after the number of active players have severely fallen since the initial release in July 2016.

Generation two finally hits PokemonGO along with changes to how Pokemon encounters are handled, two new berry types, evolutionary items and new customization options to keep Pokemon from looking the same.

The new berries in PokemonGO are the Nanab and Pinap Berry. The Nanab Berry, when used, will slow Pokemon down, making them less likely to run away.

The Pinap Berry, will net players twice as much candy if they are able to successfully catch the Pokemon that the berry is used on.

Other new items will be “evolution” items required to make certain Pokemon evolve. These will come from Pokestops much like eggs and Pokeballs.

New avatar items will also become available such as new hats, shirts, pants and maybe some other cool add-ons.

According to, many fans still await trading, PvP battles, and a new combat system to replace the current, confusing battling that the game currently uses.

Some of the new Pokemon that are coming with this update include two of the eveelutions – Umbreon and Espeon, which are a fan favorite. The Johto starters, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile will also be available to catch in the wild.

Some speculate that this update alone will bring back the many fans that had put the game down- but much is still to be seen about this ever-changing hit mobile game.

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