Fortunes Told at Student Activities Psychic Event


By: Megan Lanham

On Feb. 11, 2021, The SA Psychic event took place at 2:30 p.m. and ended at 4:30 p.m. The event was open to the public on the Lewis and Clark Student Activities Facebook page, free for any student, staff, and faculty to join. Even though the event was open for people involved with L&C, friends and family were more than welcome to come; students, staff, and faculty were given priority. Participants joined a Zoom meeting and were offered private tarot card readings via breakout rooms for three minutes each. 

Rose Fullhorst, second-generation psychic medium, a Reiki Master Practitioner, a certified Tarot Master with 30+ years in tarot card reading and palm reading and an ordained minister offered the private readings between herself and the participants. About 10 people arrived to have a private reading, all of which reported they had good turnouts. While others stayed in the lobby and conversed amongst themselves, telling stories and making general conversation. Afterward, the session opened up for the remainder of the time. 

During this time, Rose called into play her medium abilities for the group; this is the practice of mediating communication between spirits and living human beings. One of which was a young girl that was able to connect to a relative that she had wanted to hear from for quite a while. She was so happy to hear from the spirit that she cried. A couple more readings were done as well before the event ended. 

Fullhorst has been an active participant in prior Student Activities events. This means potential for her further participation in the future, so keep an eye out for more events involving her services. For more events like this one, you can find information on the Lewis and Clark Student Activities Facebook page or on Blackboard under the ‘My Organizations’ tab on the main page.

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