Food Challenge: TikTok’s Trick or Treat Crockpot Caramel

By Jenna Shelton

Creamy caramel and fresh apples are always a fabulous Fall treat.
-Photo by Jenna Shelton

Holiday times have always been a big deal around our house ever since I was a little girl. We had very different traditions on my mother’s side because her mother immigrated from Germany in 1952, and her family’s traditions were vastly different from my father’s side, who were born-and-raised in this area for generations. 

One thing that my grandmother found interesting, before and after immigrating, was collecting cookbooks and cooking magazines, in both German and English. While a lot of recipes have been passed down throughout the generations of our family, we have always enjoyed trying our hand at new recipes, and as time has passed, the ways we have found our recipes has changed as well. 

Since my daughter Meliska is a high school freshman in a Foods/Nutrition and Culinary Arts 1 course, she has become more interested in trying out recipes and since she (and I) are also addicted to TikTok, we found this interesting video on how to make an easy caramel sauce—which is a must when it is fall and you are decorating caramel apples—we knew we had to test it for ourselves.

We followed the instructions, and after it was done I was amazed at how good this caramel was!! With the members of my family and I rating it, it was given two 8 out 10’s and one 10 out of 10. It is nice and gooey, but not extremely sticky like some caramel sauces are. I would like to make a note that we did not make caramel apples, but dipped apple slices into the caramel like a sauce, so I am not sure how good this kind of caramel might be for some Halloween style caramel apples.

The caramel should easily pour when it’s done.
-Photo by Jenna Shelton

If you do decide to try your hand at making some special treats with this caramel, we would love to see them! Please send the recipe and picture of the item to and you may just see your treat featured on The Bridge.

Graphic by Alex Johnson

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